Think Tank

MultiHelix Think Tank (MTT)

MTT is founded as a private initiative, politically and organisationally independent and not for profit. MTT is financed by the MultiHelix members in collaboration – free from domination by a any particular stakeholder.

MTT facilitates collaboration in a structured way between academia, business, public service, patients & citizens, financing bodies, cluster organisations and institutes. MTT consists of 100 members from more than 50 different organisations by invitation only. Each member has a proven qualified track record in their own area of expertise

We share a common vision wanting to strengthen Life Science and related sectors  regionally as well as nationally and internationally. Together we form new ideas and projects which will be shared among relevant stakeholders and the community.

MTT stands for a cross sectorial collaboration opposite to a world of silos and slim organisations which are becoming more and more focused on single questions without using the helicopter perspective.

What do we do and how do we work

We are a meeting place for people with ideas using our capacity and will to influence decison making to create change. MTT ’s vison is to become a nationally recognised Think Tank within Life Science, ICT and FoodTech via multidisciplinary collaboration in an international network.

We want to create value for people´s health and well being by utilizing knowledge for a sustainable growth and welfare. We initiate our own themes and projects more than delivering contract assignments to others. Our task is to identify, articulate, analyse and evaluate experienced problems, new suggestions and events.

We encourage members to act as ”critical friends” and propose thoughts for discussions and argumentation in confidence of a safe test bed for ideas and problem solving. This method encourages questioning of existing structures and systems as well as traditional ways of working.

We work in thematic groups, projects and workshops within, a few at a time, prioritised areas with a will to communicate our findings to the surrounding community. We are both a meeting place and a workshop at the same time where we work from facts and data to create new concepts for our own use and for anyone else interested in testing.