MultiHelix Think Tank på GoCo

Important dates:

Styrgruppsmöten – 12 mars 2024 och 25 juni 2024
MultiHelix Think Tank på GoCo – 31 januari 2024, 16 april 2024 och 17 september 2024
A summary of themes from the start of the MultiHelix Think Tank på GoCo in 2023 can be downloaded here (Swedish only)
CV MultiHelix Think Tank på GoCo

This is who we are:

MultiHelix Think Tank at GoCo is a Think Tank of senior professionals were we will develop a new concept of meeting in a neutral, multihelix format to influence the life science agenda regionally, nationally, and internationally. We believe in cross-functional co-creation for innovative healthcare. We aim to create an atmosphere of open and trustful discussions, knowledge sharing, and networking to support the growing life science sector. At MultiHelix Think Tank, we accelerate the development of and access to innovative solutions by fostering new collaborations and facilitating the exploration of global challenges like providing active and healthy aging to the elderly. Furthermore, working in a multihelix approach creates a strong synergy for innovation and job opportunities, supported by a vibrant and robust ecosystem. This leads to a long-term win-win solution for the members’ and regions’ health and economy.

The MultiHelix Think Tank, launched in 2016 in Lund, politically independent, is organized for the interdisciplinary creation of new ideas supporting our mission to facilitate solutions for present and future challenges within Life Sciences with a broad definition, including but not limited to pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, digitalization, diagnostics, e-health, nanotechnology, functional food, and related business services. In short, our definition of life sciences is everything that creates value for people’s health and well-being. This group comprises highly professional member organisations, including professionals from academics, industry, healthcare, patient organisations, and voluntary associations — an actual MultiHelix formation. More than 35 Think Tanks on different topics have been delivered from Lund. The format includes presentations from invited experts and Think Tank members, followed by discussions and networking to give members what we call mind expansion on a specific theme selected by the members. The members will use the outcome of the Think Tanks in their daily work to strengthen Life Sciences regionally, nationally, and internationally.

MultiHelix is invited by GoCo Health Innovation City to, in collaboration, expand into Mölndal/Gothenburg. The methodology will be similar but tailored to the specific conditions in GoCo HIC and the surrounding ecosystem. The operational setup is based on three forms of meetings, including members of the Think Tank and invited experts for specific questions. We have an invited steering group responsible for the strategic development and prioritizing themes for the Think Tank meetings. They can also suggest and invite new members of the Think Tank. The second meeting format is the roundtable including members willing to dedicate time for the benefit of the Think Tank. These meetings prepare the theme, prioritized by the Steering group, to identify topics and questions related to the theme and relevant speakers. Finally, the third meeting format is the Think Tank, where all members are invited to participate in what we call ”mind expansion”.

GoCo Health Innovation City is the new urban city center where over 200 000 square meters are being developed to attract researchers, entrepreneurs, and talents from around the world. The vision is to create a world-class innovation cluster for health, where collaboration is built into the core.

GoCo builds upon an already existing health ecosystem. The area is home to world-class health and life science companies, including AstraZeneca, Fujirebio Diagnostics and Mölnlycke HealthCare.