Our operation started with the signing of a partnership agreement between five international clusters and MultiHelix AB in June 2016. The partnership is operating under the name Twins' International MultiHelix, or in short TIM. TIM is facilitating investments and partnering, and represents collaboration in the life sciences and technologies between science parks and clusters in North America and Europe.

Think Tank

In August 2016 the second business area was started, MultiHelix Think Tank. This is a group organized for interdisciplinary creation of new ideas supporting our mission. This international group consists of more than 40 highly professional member organisations from academy, industry, healthcare, patient organisations, investors as well as voluntary associations. A true MultiHelix formation.


In addition to TIM and MultiHelix Think Tank we have the possibility to assist as project manager or consultant. We have more than 25 years experience in the field of Life Science and more than 30 years experience in finance and business development.