Welcome Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) to Twins´ International MultiHelix (TIM)

On June 20th 2019 a Partnership Agreement was signed between Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP)situated at Pak Shek Kok, New Territories, Hong Kong and Twins´ International MultiHelix (TIM) in Lund, Sweden. It is our pleasure to welcome HKSTP as an International Network member and to start collaborating in the field of Life Sciences to create value for people´s health and wellbeing. 

Since the inception in 2002 HKSTP have cultivated a fertile ground for innovation and technology ecosystem to thrive and to elevate Hong Kong into a regional hub. There are five major technologies clusters – Biomedical TechnologyElectronicsGreen TechnologyInformation and Communications Technology and Material and Precision Engineering. The technology clusters contribute to devising innovative solutions for three platforms in focus – Smart CityHealthy Ageing and Robotics. There is a working population of + 13.000 people and 700 partner companies coming from +20 different regions/countries.

HKSTP provide partner companies with a full range of infrastructure, facilities and support services throughout their journey from conceptualisation to commercialisation, ensuring innovation is enabled at Hong Kong Science Park. HKSTP accelerate the growth of innovation & technology ecosystem further with the HKSAR Government’s HK$10 billion Injection. New initiatives, enhanced incubation programmes and support services are in place to nurture startups, help partner companies achieve long-term development, attract top talent, tech companies and funding.

Representative from HKSTP will attend the TIM Annual Meeting this year held in Lund on 9th-10thof Sept. Please take the opportunity to find out more about HKSTP and how you could start a collaboration with HKSTP.

Please also visit HKSTP on the web: https://www.hkstp.org/en