Welcome Bioga – Life Sciences Technological Business Cluster to Twins´ International MultiHelix (TIM)

On July 11th 2019 a Partnership Agreement was signed between Bioga – Life Sciences Technological Business Cluster, situated in Galicia, Spain and Twins´ International MultiHelix (TIM) in Lund, Sweden. It is our pleasure to welcome Bioga as an International Network member and to start collaborating in the field of Life Sciences to create value for people´s health and wellbeing. 

Bioga is a non-profit association that brings together all the organizations integrated in the value chain of the biotechnology sector that are based in Galicia. It was born in July 2010 to represent the Galician sector of the Life Sciences, a sector of great projection and growth in which Galicia is positioned as a benchmark, both for the quality of its companies and for the research carried out in Universities, Centers of Investigation and Sanitary System. 

Bioga currently has 67 partners, including companies, private foundations, universities, technology centers and institutions; being the most representative cluster of the autonomous community of Galicia. Every year Bioga increases the number of partners, which shows the strong activity of both the sector and Bioga in representing the common interests of the biotechnological business tissue.

Galician biotechnology companies have very diverse areas of activity, from agri-food to pharmaceutical, through circular economy, engineering, nanotechnology, health-tech and veterinary, among others. 

Galicia is situated as a community of reference in biotechnology. The sector has about 250 companies using biotechnology and grows at a rate of 10% per year, with a turnover of more than 320 million euros. The community supports more than 3,500 jobs linked to the biotech sector (including companies and the public sector) and grows at a rate of 9.5%. Galicia is one of the most important regions in Spain for biotechnology, both in terms of research and business opportunities. The importance of life sciences and the abundance of natural resources in the region have boosted the rapid growth of biotechnology in recent years.

Please also visit Bioga on the web: https://www.bioga.org