Welcome ACTION Innovation Network to Twins´ International MultiHelix (TIM)

On November 26th 2019 a Membership Agreement was signed between ACTION Innovation Network in the New England region of the US and Twins´ International MultiHelix (TIM) in Lund, Sweden. It is our pleasure to welcome ACTION as an International Network member and to start collaborating in the field of Life Sciences, cleantech and wellness to create value for people´s health and wellbeing. 

ACTION Innovation Network is a membership association of technology business incubators and other entrepreneur support organizations located in the New England region of the US.  Our members provide diverse resources for companies developing innovative technologies in the life science, robotics, cleantech, marine/maritime, and advanced materials sectors. The network is committed to the successful commercialization of technology enterprises that will build a prosperous economy, improve the quality of life and sustain the health of our environment. Our customized Pre-Landing and Soft Landing programs are offered to international startups that wish to leverage the knowledge and resources in the region to generate new business opportunities, or are ready to initiate their US expansion in Massachusetts/New England.

Please also visit ACTION at www.actionnewengland.org