Invitation to non-clinical, pharmaceutical and early clinical development

From our Twins' International MultiHelix member the Slovenian Innovation Hub we have got an invitation from University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Pharmacy, whom organizes in collaboration with Semmelweis University in Budapest, Hungary iterative training for graduate students:

»Non-clinical, pharmaceutical and early clinical development« within  »Cooperative European Medicines Development Course – CEMDC« .

CEMDC is integral part of  European drug development accredited multicentrical educational  programme »PharmaTrain – Mastering Medicines Development«.

This dedicated and renowned training program (30. 11. to 4.12.) will be held in Ljubljana, Slovenia under very affordable conditions. If you have cluster members that are active in drug development or research they are welcome to participate. They can also contact the organizer, Assist. Prof. Tanja Gmeiner, PhD Pharm Pharmacy institute,  EATRIS Slovenia.