Canada mission 2-6 October 2017 to visit Sherbrooke Innopole together with TIM cluster members

You are invited to join Twins´ International Multihelix (TIM) on a trade mission to our twin cluster Sherbrooke Innopole 2nd – 6th October 2017.

Sherbrooke has a lot going on in research, but the main subject is research on aging. Some of you have already visited the Sherbrooke Research Center on Aging with scientists working on falls, pain, domotic, robotics, sleep, driving, etc. There are also several other research centers that could be of interest for the companies to join the mission.

Sherbrooke will arrange for 2-3 days of meetings and visits. Depending on the joining companies, visits can also be arranged to research centers and companies in Montreal or Quebec City. In addition to the Twins´ organisations, Canadian organisations will also participate. All participating organisations would be invited to do a short pitch followed by a networking lunch and B2B meetings. We could also plan group visits in the morning of the next two days to allow for all participants to have a broad perspective of what is going on in Sherbrooke. The rest of the mission would be dedicated to personalized meetings with organizations chosen by the participant. We would help to set up those meetings, but would not participate into them and they would be organized at the convenience of both parties, at the site of the Sherbrooke organization. There will also be a visit to the EspaceLABZ, Sherbrook´s new multitenant lab space,a place where the “soft landing programme” will be in action for TIM members interested to explore Sherbrooke over a longer period of time.

TIM and Shebrooke have arranged to be able to cover travel costs for a number of companies from primarily the TIM cluster members. However, if your company is not a member of a TIM cluster you can still attend the mission at your own cost. Academic or other research organizations are more than welcome to participate in the mission, but Sherbrooke will not be able to pay for their expenses.

More information and details will be added as the planning proceeds over summer.

If you find this interesting please contact Ursula Hultkvist Bengtsson, for more information.

A link to Sherbrooke Innopole can be found HERE