ARCH - A regional collaboration for health care in Wales, visit to Skåne, february 7:th to 9:th

MultiHelix and Region Skåne have organized a program for knowledge sharing and to explore opportunities for collaboration between the two regions of Skåne and Wales.

From its inception ARCH has positioned itself as a collaboration that will make a local and regional difference while at the same time creates a platform for ARCH to promote itself to a global audience and market. To that end ARCH has held international funding workshops, and presented at international conferences which have included a European Union Conference which was held in December 2016.

Through this international profile, ARCH has begun to develop links with a number of communities across Europe and further afield. One of those links is with Skåne in Sweden. Members of that health and life science community have shown an ongoing interest in how the ARCH partnership has developed and how through the collaboration, the significant health and wellbeing challenges of the developed world can be met.

Members of the health and life science community in Skåne have approached ARCH and offered that a delegation visit Skåne, in order to provide an opportunity to exchange ideas and learn from each other, as two health & life science communities.

Agenda and most of the presentations from the visit can be found under the TIM header.