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Welcome Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) to Twins´ International MultiHelix (TIM)

On June 20th2019 a Partnership Agreement was signed between Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP)situated at Pak Shek Kok, New Territories, Hong Kongand Twins´ International MultiHelix (TIM) in Lund, Sweden. It is our pleasure to welcome HKSTP as an International Network member and to start collaborating in the field of Life Sciences to create value for people´s health and wellbeing. 

Since the inception in 2002 HKSTP have cultivated a fertile ground for innovation and technology ecosystem to thrive and to elevate Hong Kong into a regional hub. There are five major technologies clusters – Biomedical TechnologyElectronicsGreen TechnologyInformation and Communications Technology and Material and Precision Engineering. The technology clusters contribute to devising innovative solutions for three platforms in focus – Smart CityHealthy Ageing and Robotics. There is a working population of + 13.000 people and 700 partner companies coming from +20 different regions/countries.

HKSTP provide partner companies with a full range of infrastructure, facilities and support services throughout their journey from conceptualisation to commercialisation, ensuring innovation is enabled at Hong Kong Science Park. HKSTP accelerate the growth of innovation & technology ecosystem further with the HKSAR Government’s HK$10 billion Injection. New initiatives, enhanced incubation programmes and support services are in place to nurture startups, help partner companies achieve long-term development, attract top talent, tech companies and funding.

Representative from HKSTP will attend the TIM Annual Meeting this year held in Lund on 9th-10thof Sept. Please take the opportunity to find out more about HKSTP and how you could start a collaboration with HKSTP.

Please also visit HKSTP on the web: https://www.hkstp.org/en

Welcome Shonan Health Innovation Park (iPark) to Twins´ International MultiHelix (TIM)

On May 14th 2019 a Partnership Agreement was signed between Shonan Health Innovation Park (iPark), Japan and Twins´ International MultiHelix (TIM). It is our pleasure to welcome iPark as an International Network member and to start collaborating in the field of Life Sciences to create value for people´s health and wellbeing. The strategic focus areas of iPark are Regenerative Medicine, Rare Diseases, Dementia and Disease Prevention. This creates an excellent fit with other international members of TIM. The ambition of iPark is to build a Life Science ecosystem that is open to the world where public, private and academic sectors come together to propel and transform innovative ideas into patient benefit. iPark is representing the seventh country in TIM´s membership portfolio and the first country from Asia.

Shonan Health Innovation Park (iPark) began operations in April 2018, with the aim of creating a co-location ecosystem comprised of researchers, industry experts, venture startups, government, and academia who will collaborate and co-create - to accelerate research, with the aim of transforming cutting-edge science into impactful health solutions for patients across the world.

Takeda launched Shonan iPark by transforming its Shonan research site to enhance scientific innovation with the aspiration to become a world-class ecosystem. Shonan iPark is supported by the local government and aligns well with the backbone of the government’s economic and revitalization strategy.

iPark will be represented by Dr Toshio Fujimoto, General Manager, in the TIM Annual Meeting this year held in Lund on 9th-10th of Sept. Please take the opportunity to interact with Dr Fujimoto and find out more about iPark and how you could start a collaboration.

Read more about iPark at https://www.shonan-health-innovation-park.com/en/

Welcome to The #LetsCluster Summit that will take place from March 25th to 27th 2019, at the Messe Congress in Graz, Austria

The #LetsCluster Summit will take place from March 25th to 27th 2019, at the Messe Congress Graz. A program with more than 8 SideEvents, a HighTech Expo with the greats of the national and international micro- and nanoelectronic ecosystem and an outstanding B2B Matchmaking opportunity round up the immersive three-day program. The scope of #LetsCluster is to emphasize the strengths of the important flagship enterprises in the application fields of Smart Living, Smart Mobility, Health Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Cyber Security, Industry 4.0 and many more.

Read more about the event at: https://letscluster.com/

Welcome human.technology.styria (HTS) to Twins´ International MultiHelix (TIM)

From 1st of February 2019 TIM has a new International Network member in Graz, Austria. It is a pleasure to welcome human.technology.styria and to start collaborating in the field of Life Sciences including also ICT and Food to create value for people´s health and wellbeing. HTS is positioned in the center point of an internationally oriented region of innovators and suppliers that is covering the whole value chain of the life science industry. 

HTS was founded in 2004 by eight companies with the vision to start an association for business development supporting the regional life science community. At present there are 120+ companies and 39.500 employees in the cluster field. HTS is also including connections to hospitals, universities, institutes and research centers. HTS has developed a soft-landing program for companies interested in exploring the Austrian and the international market.

The areas of strength in Life Sciences are MedTech and Pharma & BioTech. HTS is also a Reference Site for Active and Healthy Ageing (AHA) in EU which can lead to interesting collaboration opportunities with the other TIM members also being Reference Sites.


Please also visit the HTS on the web: https://www.humantechnology.at/en/

NLSD - Nordic Life Science Days 2019, 10-12 September in Malmö-Copenhagen

Nordic Life Science Days is the largest Nordic partnering conference dedicated to the life science industry. Since its inception in 2013, the event has nurtured a community of people from the world of life science, and created a unique place to do business.

More information can be found at: https://www.nlsdays.com/about-the-event/

BioWales 2019

BioWales 2019, the 17th international life sciences event, will take place in Spring 2019 in Cardiff. The concrete date has not yet been announced. BioWales will be organised by the Welsh Government.

Welcome to The Bridge Summit, January 30-31 2019 in Malmö, Sweden


The Bridge Summit 2019 is, more than ever, a marketplace for connecting international business with world-class materials and life science research to push for more sustainable growth.

Read more about The Bridge Summit at: http://2019.thebridge.se/

Biowales 2017

BioWales 2017 will be held at Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff  7-8 March. The theme of this year’s event is Health and Wealth, where the unique opportunities in Cell Therapy, Regenerative Medicine and Medical Technology are empowering patients and professionals through better services and information on a global scale. 

More information about this annual conference can be found HERE.

If you would like to attend as an international delegate we can arrange for a reduced registration fee. Please contact Ursula Hultkvist Bengtsson, ursula@multihelix.se.

Biomedica life sciences summit and tim's annual network meeting

TIM's annual network meeting 2017 will be held in conjunction with the 2017 Biomedica Life Sciences Summit in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. 

More information about this summit can be found HERE.

Visit to Canada and Sherbrooke Innopole in October 2017

We can now offer SME companies that are in the process of investigating possible business opportunities in Canada a fast and direct link to new partners. 

Sherbrooke Innopole can arrange for tailor-made meetings, suited for your individual needs, with research centres and companies in the Montreal and Québec areas. Your company should be active in the Life Science sector, looking for partners in research or looking for business opportunities in a new and interesting market. The 4 day trip will include visits to research centres, networking lunches and ample time for B2B meetings. Sherbrooke Innopole will also be of help by organising business meetings of your choice.

Sherbrooke Innopole and TIM has made funds available to cover for part of your travel expenses.

Interested companies should contact Ursula Hultkvist Bengtsson, ursula@multihelix.se, for more information.

A link to Sherbrooke Innopole can be found HERE.