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Published 2018.04.09

ARCH - A Regional Collaboration for Health in Wales, visit to Skåne 7:th to 9:th February 2018

MultiHelix and Region Skåne have organized a program for knowledge sharing and to explore opportunities for collaboration between the two regions  Wales and Skåne.

From its inception ARCH has positioned itself as a collaboration that will make a local and regional difference while at the same time creates a platform for ARCH to promote itself to a global audience and market. To that end ARCH has held international funding workshops, and presented at international conferences which have included a European Union Conference which was held in December 2016.

Through this international profile, ARCH has begun to develop links with a number of communities across Europe and further afield. One of those links is with Skåne in Sweden. Members of that health and life science community have shown an ongoing interest in how the ARCH partnership has developed and how through the collaboration, the significant health and wellbeing challenges of the developed world can be met.

Members of the health and life science community in Skåne have approached ARCH and offered that a delegation visit Skåne, in order to provide an opportunity to exchange ideas and learn from each other, as two health & life science communities.

The Agenda from the meeting can be FOUND HERE

Summary report from the ARCH visit, written by Mikaela Nordenfelt can be FOUND HERE

Presentations from:

Malmö University, Dean of Faculty of Health and Society, Anders Kottorp can be FOUND HERE

Malmö University, Professor, Faculty of Health and Society, Thomas Arnebrant can be FOUND HERE

ARCH day 1, 2 and 3, can be FOUND HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE

IBI Group, can be FOUND HERE and HERE

Invest Skåne, Director, Stefan Johansson can be FOUND HERE

Skåne Association of Local Authorities, Improvement Leader, Daniel Smedberg can be FOUND HERE

Planning for new hospitals in Lund and Malmö, Department Manager Program Office SUS, Peter Lanbeck , HERE

The Easy Diabetes Treatment Study, MD, Clinical Director, Lund University and Region Skåne, Damon Tojjar LATER

Hälsostaden, MD and Director, Carl-Johan Robertz can be FOUND HERE

Hälsostaden Mobile Team, Chief Physician Geriatrics, Lina Hjärpe Skoglund can be FOUND HERE

Internal communication about the ARCH visit, Hälsostaden can be FOUND HERE

Örkelljunga Health Pre-School, Project Manager, Li Merander can be FOUND HERE

Lund University, Bio Medical Center, Chairman, Cecilia Lundberg can be FOUND HERE

Medicon Village, EVP, Kerstin Jacobsson can be FOUND HERE

MultiHelix Think Tank, CEO, Ursula Hultkvist Bengtsson can be FOUND HERE

Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare, Founder, Daniel Eriksson can be FOUND HERE

Innovation Skåne, HealthTech Nordic, Director, Marianne Larsson can be FOUND HERE

Published 2018.02.16, updated 2018.02.28

twins' international multihelix visit to sherbrooke innopole, october 1-5, 2017

Press Release can be FOUND HERE

Published 2017.10.18

slovenian innovation hub new member of twins' international multihelix

President of TIM (“Twins’ International Multihelix”), Ursula Hultkvist Bengtsson, and Director of the Slovenian Innovation Hub, Alenka Rožaj Brvar, proceeded with the official signature of an economic collaboration agreement between their two organizations. This agreement falls under the multilateral partnership agreement of which Sherbrooke Innopole, Medicon Village (Lund, Sweden), Happy Aging/LifeTech Valley (Limburg, Belgium), Life Sciences Hub Wales (Wales), and the Slovenian Innovation Hub (Slovenia) are part.

From left to right: Aleksandr Natanelov, Business Development Manager, Locate in Limburg, Belgium; Iztok Lesjak, Director, Technologic Park of Liubiana, Slovenia; Ursula Hultvist Bengtsson, TIM President; Alenka Rojak Brvar, Director, Slovenia innovation Hub; Josée Fortin, General Director of Sherbrooke Innopole, Sherbrooke (Québec, Canada); Lars-Erik Eriksson, CEO, Clinical Laser Thermia systems, Sweden

Published 2017.10.18


You are invited to join Twins´ International Multihelix (TIM) on a trade mission to our twin cluster Sherbrooke Innopole 2nd – 6th October 2017.

Sherbrooke has a lot going on in research, but the main subject is research on aging. Some of you have already visited the Sherbrooke Research Center on Aging with scientists working on falls, pain, domotic, robotics, sleep, driving, etc. There are also several other research centers that could be of interest for the companies to join the mission.

Sherbrooke will arrange for 2-3 days of meetings and visits. Depending on the joining companies, visits can also be arranged to research centers and companies in Montreal or Quebec City. In addition to the Twins´ organisations, Canadian organisations will also participate. All participating organisations would be invited to do a short pitch followed by a networking lunch and B2B meetings. We could also plan group visits in the morning of the next two days to allow for all participants to have a broad perspective of what is going on in Sherbrooke. The rest of the mission would be dedicated to personalized meetings with organizations chosen by the participant. We would help to set up those meetings, but would not participate into them and they would be organized at the convenience of both parties, at the site of the Sherbrooke organization. There will also be a visit to the EspaceLABZ, Sherbrook´s new multitenant lab space,a place where the “soft landing programme” will be in action for TIM members interested to explore Sherbrooke over a longer period of time.

TIM and Shebrooke have arranged to be able to cover travel costs for a number of companies from primarily the TIM cluster members. However, if your company is not a member of a TIM cluster you can still attend the mission at your own cost. Academic or other research organizations are more than welcome to participate in the mission, but Sherbrooke will not be able to pay for their expenses.

More information and details will be added as the planning proceeds over summer.

If you find this interesting please contact Ursula Hultkvist Bengtsson, Ursula@multihelix.se for more information.

A link to Sherbrooke Innopole can be found HERE

Published 2017.05.22


Participants from TIM member clusters:

Sherbrooke Innopole – Josée Fortin and Bernat Riera

Life Science Hub Wales – Grahame Guilford

Happy Aging – Ingrid Lieten and Laura Visconti

Medicon Village and TIM secretariat – Ursula Hultkvist Bengtsson


The excellent programme was arranged by Laura Visconti, Happy Aging – Life Tech Valley. Many opportunities for collaboration and sharing best practice were found. We also found an impressive infrastructure for life science and people being passionate about what they are doing.

9th May: Participating in the international conference BioMedica in Eindhoven. We had walking round tours at the Technical University of Eindhoven with the topics of robotics, tissue engineering and industrial design. Key note presentation on “Evidence based to intelligence based medicine” by Prof Dr Philippe Coucke, CHU of Liège, BE.

10th May: In the morning we travelled to Limburg, in Flanders, Belgium to visit key organisations of Happy Aging – Life Tech Valley:

Corda Incubator, Limburg Startup, Fibricheck and Cubigo.

In the afternoon we travelled to:

Genk to visit the Mobile Health Unit at Hospital Genk.

Diepenbeek to visit BioVille incubator, Biomedical Research Institute, and Adlon (rehab and sports training)

11th May: Strategic meeting with TIM members at BioVille to agree on the strategy for 2017-18 including decisions on budget and a new “multi layer model” for the TIM partner/member/network structure.

You can find the presentation of Happy Aging to the Go Global TIM-participants HERE.

Exterior of Technical University of Eindhoven

Some TIM members outside the University on a sunny evening

Interior of Technical University of Eindhoven

Josée Fortin and Bernat Riera from Sherbrooke Innopole listening to a presentation at the Corda Incubator from Laura de Bock, Cubigo

Exterior of the Corda Site

East-Limburg Hospital

Outside Bio-Ville

Josée Fortin, Ingrid Lieten, Niels Hellings, Director Biomedical Research Institute, Laura Visconti, Bernat Riera, Grahame Guilford, Ursula Hultkvist Bengtsson and Piet Stinissen, Managing Director Happy Aging, outside Bio-Ville

Published 2017.05.24


The TIM secretariat, represented by Ursula Hultkvist Bengtsson and Jan Bengtsson visited the Slovenian Innovation Hub 18th-20th April in Ljubljana. The programme was arranged by Dr Alenka Rožaj Brvar, Director of the Hub. The purpose of the visit was to learn more about the Slovenian Innovation Hub and its members. There is a mutual interest between TIM and the Slovenian Innovation Hub for closer collaboration. The meetings confirmed several collaboration opportunities going forward. The first step will be a joint EU funding application, Cosme, to be submitted in May 2017.

You can find more information on the Slovenian Innovation Hub HERE.

You can download a short film HERE, showing the new building for the faculties of Chemistry, Computer and Information Science and Chemical Technology of University of Ljubljana. This building is also the base of the Slovenian Innovation Hub.


Honorary consul general to Sweden Slobodan Sibincic.  

University of Ljubljana, Former Rector, Prof Dr Radovan Stanislav Pejovnik

University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Pharmacy, Prof Dr Stanislav Gobec

Directors of 6 pillars of Slovene smart specialization strategy for Health Medicine focus area. 

  1. Translational Medicine
  2. Biopharmaceuticals
  3. Cancer Treatment
  4. New Antibiotics
  5. Natural Medicine and Cosmetics
  6. Active Healthy Ageing

A brief presentation of the activities of the Slovenian Innovation Hub can be found HERE.

Technological Park Ljubljana, General Manager, Dr Iztok Lesjak

Regional development agency, Liljana Madjar, Director

Acies Bio, Director R&D, Dr Gregor Kosec

MEDIS, Director R&D, Dr Mateja Stempelj

Dr Alenka Rožaj Brvar, Director of Slovenian InnovationHub.

Bojana Omersel Weeks, Slovenian Innovation Hub, Dr Mateja Stempelj, MEDIS, DrUrsula Hultkvist Bengtsson, TIM, Project manager, MEDIS, Dr Alenka Rožaj Brvar, Director of Slovenian InnovationHub.

Published 2017.05.24

What happened during the 2017 BioWales conference 7th-8th of March in Cardiff, Wales? Some notes of interest.

The theme of this year was “Health and Wealth”. We were about 600 people who gathered in the beautiful Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff. Each year there is an increasing number of international delegates.

The programme can be found via this link:


Wales Millennium Centre a beautiful day in March 2017

In the introduction, Mr Mick McGuire, Director of sectors and Business Welsh Government, explained that Life Science is a key priority for Welsh government – but the smallest sector yet. 11.000 people are employed in 360 companies in LS. Eleven investments are made from Welsh funding instruments attracting four times the invested amount.

There was much attention given to gene therapy from among others the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult by Julie Kirby. Also GE Healthcare, Mark Briggs, gave a presentation on the topic that present production techniques are not good enough but must be developed further. There is a problem with variability in availability because it is a living material and sometimes patients are called in but the product is not ready.

Workshop nr 5 - Importance of data in driving healthcare improvements

Panel: Ifan Evans: Deputy Dir for Technology and Innovation, Welsh Government, Mark Ebbens GE Healthcare, Prof David Ford, Swansea university Health Informatics and Penny Owen, moderator, GE Healthcare

Falling in love with the question and not the answer!

Data is a catch-up revolution.

Match change management with intelligence from big data – artificial intelligence. Influence how people live their lives.

Turn from illness service to a wellness service – hard to change behaviors for professionals as well as the public.

Use data to reflect on actions. Get a feedback loop on what unhealthy behaviors will do to you.

How to manage the personal needs in relation to the needs of the masses. Patient vs. hospital.

How do we innovate because of data. Data will never tell you about the future. You still need imagination for the future.

If you are not paying for a product you are the product.


CALIN – New Life Science Innovation Network for Welsh and Irish businesses launched:


Good example of networking and collaboration between universities and SME´s. EU funded.

Philip Webb: Velindre NHS Trust: Innovation – Inspiration or desperation?



Interesting opportunity for collaboration with MultiHelix Think Tank on patient´s perspectives on healthcare.

What matters to our patients? Making it personal!

Health? physical and psychological!

Activate and educate patients in a holistic way! Therapeutic gaming! Pokemon Go example.

Use Artificial Intelligence to develop the concept of precision psychology – emotional side of healthcare – health literacy key!

Making it personal –translate into meaningful actions

Collaborative opportunities discussed with Welsh Government and the Life Science Hub:

 1)    A Health school, now being developed in Örkelljunga in Skåne, was of interest to the Welsh government representatives.

2)    The ARCH programme developed in Swansea in collaboration between the health boards and the university. The focus is a regional collaboration for health to create a healthcare system fit for the 21st Century and the lives we lead today. The ARCH team will be invited to come to Skåne and present their programme. www.arch.wales

3)    The EU funded COSME programme will be in focus for the TIM partners during spring 2017. Two new clusters are invited to join the call together with TIM members. The Slovenian Innovation Hub represented by the Director Dr Alenka Rozaj Brvar signed a Letter of Intent for this purpose. Life Science Hub Wales will have a leading role in the application process.

4)    The patient´s perspective for future “pre-hospital” healthcare is another area of common interest. Big focus on prevention of disease is a must. Elderly with chronic and multiple diseases is a growing concern and we must find new ways of improving the healthcare for the benefit of this group of patients.

The conference booth of the Welsh Life Science Hub with happy co-workers

Dr Alenka Rozaj Brvar, Director of theSlovenian Innovation Hub (right) and Dr Ursula Hultkvist Bengtsson, CEO MultiHelix AB signing the LoI

Written by Ursula Hultkvist Bengtsson

Published 2017.03.16


This is how Ingrid Lieten, Managing Director of Life Tech Valley, Belgium shortly describes their operation.

"By being in our network, our member companies are in direct contact with our real-life test environment, our Happy Aging testing panel: 300 seniors and 950 carers/healthcare providers who are delighted to test your innovations, products and services, and provide valuable feedback."

On Happy Agings website you can find an overview of some projects that were done together with the living lab, as well as ongoing projects such as Nightwatch, Alma.care (falls prevention), etc. 

Please do not hesitate to spread this info in your network and direct them to the info@happyaging.be e-mail address, so they can help interested partiesfurther with any of their questions.

Published 2017.03.01